Annual Medical Check-ups: When You Should and Shouldn’t Go for One

Going to a regular medical check-up is more common than ever and some people believe that going for annual check-ups is essential. While there are times when going for a medical check-up could literally be the difference between life and death, they aren’t always necessary for everyone. And in some cases, they could actually cause more harm than good. Let’s take a closer look at who should go for medical checks, how often, and when they’re unnecessary.

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Annual Checks don’t Necessarily Translate to Better Health

Yes, we all know that annual check-ups are often recommended for certain types of patients, but if you’re generally healthy and have no symptoms, going for an annual check-up won’t do much for you. Annual check-ups are most important for people with pre-existing conditions, people of a certain age, or if you start seeing some alarming symptoms.

If you’re healthy and you still want to get checked, then your current health care provider will be able to give you better advice as to how many check-ups you need. They know your full history and will have a better idea of what’s necessary depending on your health. And if they say you have to come in annually, ask them if it’s really necessary and if you can come in only when you’re due for another test, like a blood pressure check or a pap smear for instance.

False Positives

Getting a false positive test can be extremely distressing, especially if this is for something serious. These could even lead to unnecessary extra tests and treatments. These treatments could make matters even worse, not to mention their cost and the risk for malpractice. For example, a misreading on an electrocardiogram could force you to get exposed to radiation. Or a false positive on a blood test could require a biopsy. This is something nobody should have to go through and the extra tests could have severe consequences.

So, who Should go for Regular Medical Checks?

If you are sick, are experiencing unusual symptoms, or need treatment for an ongoing condition, then regular medical check-ups are essential. Expats should also go for regular check-ups to make sure that they haven’t contracted a disease their body isn’t accustomed to. If you just moved to Bangkok, for instance, it’s essential that you get a regular medical check up Bangkok to make sure that you have not contracted a potentially dangerous disease.

Another case when you should check with your doctor annually is if you just jumped on a new medication. High-risk people like smokers or people suffering from obesity should also consider going for annual medical check-ups. If you are pregnant and need postnatal and/or prenatal care, checking with your doctor regularly is also essential.


Medical check-ups are very important no matter your condition but are still more important for certain people than others. Make sure that you understand the true benefits of medical checks and when they’re absolutely essential for maintaining good health.