Choosing an Implant Dentist

Since the 1950s, dental implants have provided a durable alternative to dental bridges for missing teeth. If you are considering dental implants, choose an experienced provider with whom you feel comfortable. Here are some tips for finding providers for implants in clinical dentristry.

Do Research in Advance

Learn about dental implants online and come prepared to your first appointment with questions for your doctor. Dental implants are screw-like posts inserted into the bone of your jaw through a hole. Over time, bone grows around the post and secures it into place. A crown placed on top of the implant provides the tooth replacement. Sometimes bone has to be grafted on to the jaw to provide adequate support for the implant. Dental implants can help prevent additional bone loss, keep teeth from shifting into the gap, and better maintain your bite.

Request a Consultation

It’s helpful to interview two to three dentists so that you may compare and contrast their approaches to your case. In order to avoid paying multiple times for x-rays, take your x-rays with you to each consultation.

Do not compare the dentists solely on the basis of cost. A few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars’ difference matters little when the implant is expected to last a lifetime. With proper care, a crown can last 20 or more years. Make sure that you’ll be happy with the results in the long run.

Ask the dentist about the number of implants that they do yearly and that they have done in a lifetime. Like most skills, this specialized talent is developed through regular practice over time. A dentist who has done implants for 20 years, but only averages four cases a year, is not likely to be as skilled or as well versed in modern techniques.

Once you’ve chosen the dentist, be sure to maintain open, honest communication so that he or she may partner with you in achieving the results that you want.